Module Jupyter_notebook

A library for Jupyter notebooks

type ctx
type display_id
val cell_context : unit ‑> ctx

Returns the current cell context.

val display : ?⁠ctx:ctx ‑> ?⁠display_id:display_id ‑> ?⁠metadata:Yojson.Safe.json ‑> ?⁠base64:bool ‑> string ‑> string ‑> display_id

display ?ctx ?base64 mime data shows data at ctx. mime is the mime type of data.

val display_file : ?⁠ctx:ctx ‑> ?⁠display_id:display_id ‑> ?⁠metadata:Yojson.Safe.json ‑> ?⁠base64:bool ‑> string ‑> string ‑> display_id

display_file ?ctx ?base64 mime filename shows data in the file of path filename at ctx. mime is the mime type of the data.

val clear_output : ?⁠ctx:ctx ‑> ?⁠wait:bool ‑> unit ‑> unit

clear_output ?ctx ?wait () removes displayed elements from ctx.


val formatter : Format.formatter

The formatter for displaying data on notebooks.

val printf : ('a, Format.formatter, unit) Pervasives.format ‑> 'a

Same as Format.printf, but output on JupyterNotebook.formatter.

val display_formatter : ?⁠ctx:ctx ‑> ?⁠display_id:display_id ‑> ?⁠metadata:Yojson.Safe.json ‑> ?⁠base64:bool ‑> string ‑> display_id

display_formatter ?ctx ?base64 mime shows data written in JupyterNotebook.formatter at ctx. mime is the mime type of the data.

JupyterNotebook.formatter is flushed and data in the formatter is cleaned by calling this function.